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Hi, I'm Kelsey

I am a Transformational Coach specializing in Meditation and Ayurveda for increased productivity and joy.

I have helped clients reduce chronic pain/inflammation, launch successful online businesses & speaking careers, turn their side-hustle into their full-time dream job, and more.

I use the same techniques that I found to cure my stress-related panic attacks and build the business of my dreams.

If you're a busy human with a busy brain, and want to learn more about achieving a happier hustle, here's how to get started....

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Life only happens in the present moment
— Thich Naht Hahn

Word on the street

“I’ve been eating better, trying more new recipes. and been going to the gym and my muscles are getting stronger, and that from a 70 year-old. I’ve also noticed that, If I happen to be annoyed by some little thing going on in my life, after I meditate I can’t even remember what was annoying me before I started meditating. Meditation calms my mind and spirit. ” — Milagros, Artist and Teacher

“I never thought about the effect food really has on my body until now, so thank you for that. Everything makes sense now! You’re wonderful!” — Joe, Lawyer

““I love Kelsey’s knowledge and passion about the subject. She tailored things to me, was open to any question, and made it all clear and understandable. I’m already giving more awareness to eating, tracking my mood, food and how I feel physically.” — Tina, Mixologist

“Thank you for the last four days. It was an amazing experience...I am positive that regular meditation practice will be the most essential thing I can do to go through my current circumstances...but more importantly to “prepare the soil for the next seeds.”” — Fernando, Restauranteur