5 Money-Saving tips for going organic!

I was inspired to write this post after a convo I had with a friend of mine, expressing that they wanted health coaching but couldn't afford to make the changes right now -- "organic" is too expensive. 

The big, dirty secret about clean eating is that it doesn't need to break the bank! You just need to do a little planning to start. Besides, eating clean is an investment into your future health and wellness, it's literally preventative health care!

Tip #1 - Shop at the Farmers Market

You can grab so many organic veggies and meats at super cheap prices! A dozen eggs that I've spent $8 on at the grocery store, are $5 at the market. A grass-fed beef chorizo sausage is $8 at the store for one, and $10 at the farmers market for 4. You do the math. Not to mention, you're supporting some awesome farmers who are trying to do things right! Grab the schedules for the NYC Farmers marketshere.

Tip #2 - Go bulk!

Whole grains and dried beans are minimal cost per pound in the bulk section, stay good forever when stored in a dry place, and majorly increase in volume when you cook them! You can also order in bulk offline from places like Amazon - where I order all my raw nuts. And, once you have a little bit of a stock pile, you just have to refill what you run out of.

Tip #3 - Leave the Processed Food on the Shelf.

Cereal: $5, Chips: $5, SodaL $3, Protein Bars: $3/each......low nutritional value and high prices. When you're eating like a rock-star, you won't even miss them. Stick to the outer ring of the grocery store where all the fresh food is, and buy enough for just a few days so you can make sure to get through it all. Besides, you won't be able to eat as much of the foods with higher nutrient density as you could of the processed stuff.

In a great talk I heard recently given by Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth, he pointed out that you can consume 10,000 calories of butter in a day - you might feel horrible, but your body can handle it - but try eating 10,000 calories of vegetables and whole grains and....you'd explode! Get my drift?

Tip #4 - Don't try to do it all at once!

Look, it would be great to throw everything in the trash and start over, but it's just not reasonable. Just replace things as they run out with higher quality products. Start with the higher turnover products - like fresh foods, and then grab the condiments when it's time to replace them.

Tip #5 - Pack it up!

Think about how much money you spend on snacks, coffees, teas, lunches, etc "on the go." Probably something like $30 a week (or more)! What if you made a little more effort to bring a thermos, or a homemade sandwich? Not only is it less expensive, but you know what ingredients are in your food and you have total control over what you're putting in your system. AWESOME.

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Do you have any money saving tips on going organic? Share them here!!

Happy Saving!