Debuting: Gynostemma

I've been getting a bunch of questions about how I feel towards Tea - and this is like the MAC DADDY of teas. So, get ready. 


(my personal a.k.a = GS)

GS is an adaptogen, tonic herb - which when brewed into a tea tastes similar to a green tea. 

"Adaptogen" means that it sees what your body needs and adjusts to fit. It helps to deal with stress, and balance us out- which shows up in a bunch of ways. Need a pick me up? GS has your back. Ready for bed? GS will help you relax into sleep. 

"Tonic herb," is an elite herbal classification which means you can take the herb it pretty much as often as you like with as long as you are basically healthy (consult a herbalist! - details below). They are, in nature, safe for daily use for the common Jane. Unlike medicinal herbs which should only be prescribed by a licensed herbalist (a.k.a. NOT ME). Medicinal herbs are the ones that taste like toasted tree bark mixed with coffee grinds. But not Gynostemma!! Other tonic herbs include things like Licorice Root and Gogi Berries - get the drift? 

These herbs can sometimes produce benefits that you see right away, and sometimes they produce benefits that you see over time. Like, for instance, I know now when I take my daily tonic herbs (which includes Gynostemma), that it'll uplift my mood internally in a way that I can absolutely recognize, but it builds up over time - both because I've been drinking it for awhile and because I have been cultivating my intuition through the same ways I help you to develop it on this blog. 

GS is considered to be adaptogenic, anti-aging, immune-supporting, slightly cooling in nature, a digestive, anti-oxidant, metabolism-increasing, and studies are coming out now which are showing heart-health benefits! WOOT WOOT!! - As if weight-loss and anti-aging weren't enough already, right?

All because of these little thingies called "saponins," which they contain A LOT of. In fact they have the widest variety in any plant yet studied or discovered. Saponins are, at a base level something that makes your tea foam a little bit at the top when you brew it. Ha! But really, they do. And they do that to your digestive tract - they scrub it of the old crap. Saponins are non-systemic - which means they do all their work in the intestines and get the heck out carrying as much of the bad stuff as they can. 

In 1972 Japanese researchers did a big old study on certain Chinese towns who were living longer and healthier lives in comparison to those towns around them - what were they drinking? Forget the milk dregs of your Lucky Charms - they were drinking the Magically Delicious Gynostemma Tea every day! Since then GS has become one of the most popular longevity teas in China.

Wanna know more? Check out these sites and products (and no, I don't get a cut if you do - this is purely out of love for what they do).

Spring Dragon Gynostemma++ Tea - My brand of choice. These guys will also do a free herbal consult over the phone for you.

The Lin Sisters - herbal consultations for $30 on the Bowery (Westerner Friendly!)

Gynostemma Green Soup!

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