The 1 thing you'll NEVER be - so stop trying!

Lately something new has been happening to me...readers are reaching out and telling me how this blog has inspired them to try X-Y-Z thing! And that is just so absolutely wonderful and amazing and I do a happy dance for you!

But what got me thinking was sometimes I get a comment that's like..."well Kelsey, you know, you're a coach so it's just so easy for you to do this stuff," or "I just can't make any changes right now because I don't have the ____ to get started." And that really gets me because it breeds this idea- this excuse- that we need to do something perfectly to do it at all. So I'm going to admit something to you today:

I'm Not Perfect!

Nope. Not Even Close. 

And you'll never be "perfect," either. Because what we think of as "perfect" isn't actually what IS "perfect." Ya see what I'm sayin'? 

What is perfect? Perfect means to "conform to the absolute ideal of an ideal type." Perfect is to be "excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement." (Thanks!) Perfect, if you'll excuse me, is more than boring - it's death! If we aren't growing, if we are not moving forward, if we are not striving to attain the next best level of who we are, then we're dead - because if you're not growing, you're dying. 

"Perfect" sounds shiny and new and precious - but it's really packaged and put up on a shelf that your grubby little fingers gotta keep away from, lest you grubify or break it - which inevitably happens anyways! 

The good news? Life is not about being perfect! (insert a sigh of relief here!) You get to get down on your knees and dig through some dirt and get grubby and scratched and sore - but you end up with that buried treasure you were digging for because you went after it with everything you had to give-- and it all started with a little spark of an idea that grew into this amazing reward. 

I'm not perfect. Truth? I work in a restaurant full time and sometimes that means I eat food I wouldn't if I wasn't around it. Sometimes that means I drink a little more than I would if I wasn't around it all the time. Sometimes that means I'm up super late and skip the gym to sleep in. Sometimes I wish I had a magical 6-pack that I didn't have to do any sit-ups for. Sometimes that means I drop an f-bomb on a conference call, thinking my line is muted (true story!).

But also sometimes, that means I get both my meditations in, I eat organic home cooked food, get 8 hours of sleep with proper circadian rhythm timing, and make it to the gym 4x a week. Those are the basic goals I have built up to that I strive for every week. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but I always intend to do it.

And you know what, those "imperfections" are what make me, me - and yours make you, you. These are the things that make up TRUE perfection, because they make you the beautiful complex individually amazing human being that you are.

The only difference between the blogger (me) and the reader (you) is nothing more than one of us (me) is a few more steps further down the road that you want to be on, and I'm giving you the Bat Signal so you can see the path ahead and be inspired with the purpose behind it.  (My boyfriend is probably horrified over my poor use of a Batman metaphor here, but you get the idea, right?)

So, I encourage you to stop using the idea of perfection as an excuse to getting started on changing your life. One small step, one small goal, is enough to ignite a change within you that is more profound than you can imagine now. No one starts out an expert - we all start with one small shift and then follow the yellow-brick road to our next destination.

I challenge you right now to set yourself one small, measurable goal today. Examples of measurable food-related goals:

  • I'm going to have one cup of coffee, or less per day.
  • I'm going to swap out my bread for a whole grain during breakfast each day.
  • I'm going to bring my own snacks to work three times this week, or better.
  • I'm going to drink at least one cup of green tea per day.
  • I'm going to hit the gym two times or better this week. 

Measurable goals are easy to define because they have a singular action and a timeline, so you know when you have successfully achieved it. Once the first one is in place and you don't have to think about it anymore, you can layer in another and etc. etc.

Most importantly: be courageous enough to give yourself the grace to trip over your own two feet on the way, and do a happy dance when you've reached the treasure. Because you deserve it.

Rock on this week!!


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