The how-and-why of ditching antiperspirants

Okay guys, this week I'm gonna hit you with another bodycare element! I have another confession for you: I don't use deodorant and I haven't for a year. 

*GASP* Not only do I not wash my hair (check out the No-Poo post from a few months back) but I don't spend my hard earned dolla billz on a stick of smelly stuff that I don't need. And guess what - I don't smell! I am not the smelly person on the F-train! Wahoo!

Yes, there are a bunch of studies out there that say "aluminum causes breast cancer!" "The parabens in the deodorant cause breast cancer!" This post has no official stance on whether that's true or not. But I figure, whether or not it's proven scientifically, if I can cut some chemicals out of my system so my body can function more cleanly and naturally, then why not? And hey, if it turns out that it is proven to cause cancer, then I'm already a step ahead. ((there are a million reasons why this will never be proven scientifically anyways, but I digress...))

Now, The National Cancer Institute's official stance is:

  • There is no conclusive research linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the subsequent development of breast cancer.
  • Research studies of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and breast cancer have been completed and provide conflicting results. 

((you can read the whole article here)) 

For awhile I was using a natural cream deodorant that had coconut oil, baking soda and cane sugar in it, but it was still $10 a jar and I was like, well...I could just make that at home....right?

So I started to. I made a jar with a mixture and it worked great. Then when I ran out of it and I was like "oh crap," I realized it was really this simple:

  • Step 1: Rub Coconut Oil onto armpit
  • Step 2: Rub Baking Soda on top of Coconut Oil. (this is your optional antiperspirant element)
  • Step 3: Go on about my day.

What do I do for my gym bag? I got two tiny canning jars and made to-go sizes! And, the Coconut Oil doubles as my lotion.

The thing is, our sweat glands are one of the fastest ways that our body can get rid of toxins (have you ever sweated out your tequila the morning after a night on the town? Yep! You know what I mean!) so it makes sense that when you're eating a load of processed junk, then your body is like "arrrgghhh get this outta me as fast as you can!" and then we get stinky sweat. (Yes I know you could smell that tequila coming out and you know exactly what I mean!)

So it stands to reason that as you clean out your diet of at least the majority of the (what I so eloquently deem) "Crap Foods," that you will be less toxin laden, and therefore, less stinky. And, staying hydrated, so that what you put in has mobility to get back out, helps too.

NOW - just a bit of a warning - it will maybe feel a little weird to feel sweat happen. I know that sounds silly but it's true. The first time I stopped using chemical antiperspirants I was like "OMG WETNESS!" And you know what, it didn't smell so I was like, Ok fine, this is something that I just need to get used to. And, after a few weeks my body got re-calibrated and now I very rarely feel sweaty unless I'm spinning my heart out or having a personal dance party.

Just remember: your body needs to breathe and this is one way that it does that. It's good for you. Your sweat glands - just like with your scalp if you're shampooing normally - are used to being blocked - literally plugged - by your standard deodorant, and they may over-react a little bit at the beginning. That will lessen as time goes on and they return to normal. Embrace it! 

Do you think I'm crazy or a genius? Leave a comment below and let me know about your adventures!!! 

Rock on in radiant health!