When is the best time to cleanse?

There's juice-fasting, the master cleanse, the raw food detox.....a myriad of expensive "fix all" programs that line the shelves and inundate our inboxes year round. Many people start a cleanse in the Springtime...but is that really the most effective time of year for an extreme detox diet?

The answer is NO! There is definitely a season when you can muck out the gutters and it'll be much more supportive to your system.

Fall: A season of transition - we are moving out of the hot summer and into the cold winter. We naturally want to start hunkering down, eating heavier foods, and gearing up for a little hibernation. NOT a good season for cleansing.

Winter: A season to celebrate being a recluse. Heavy foods like warm stews are what we look to in this season of darkness and hibernation. We draw naturally inwards and fight off the chill. NOT a good season for cleansing.

Spring: Another season of transition. We are moving out of the winter's cold and into the summer. Our energy is returning and we are springing back into action! We want to start projects and eat lighter foods and get back to the gym for that beach bod. But guess what? Due to the volatile nature of the season and our energy within it, it's NOT a good season for cleansing!

Summer: Now summer, the heat lends itself naturally to eating lighter foods and a languid sense of movement. Sure, we're enjoying the sun, but instead of running around in it, we're probably lying on a blanket soaking it in. Summer is the time to cleanse because we are naturally less hungry and hurried due to the extreme heat. Summer is considered a "stable" season, where the temperature fluctuates much less than in the fall and spring, but our primal mind isn't afraid that we'll freeze to death if we don't eat enough - like in winter. 

So what can you do in the Spring time to help get that beach bod rockin' without doing an expensive juice-fast that might ultimately just stress you out more? Take the renewed vigor you have this upcoming season and get up a little earlier every morning so you can do a work out, get back into the kitchen and recommit to healthy eating, and schedule in at least an hour of contemplative rest and relaxation each week.

Have you ever done a cleanse? Do you want to know about types of cleanses? Tell me more by leaving a comment below!!