Total Eclipse of the-- Sun

I wasn't planning on blogging today. Nor did I, until yesterday, really give much attention to the Eclipse-excitement that has been gripping the midwest this week. A handful of friends and colleagues went south for a "better viewing" - because about 2 hours south of Chicago you see 100% coverage of the sun by the moon. 

But, as I've been living my life today - running errands, having appointments, hitting odd energy has been apparent, and now as I sit at my desk in Evanston, IL, I'm watching it get darker as the maximum effect of the moon is about to take hold in about 5 minutes. Popping outside occasionally for a glimpse through the pair of eclipse glasses I've come across, I am fascinated.

The energy around me is almost like a storm rolling in. You can feel that bit of tension in the air as the birds have fallen silent, heralding some major act of Nature to come. 

For some, an eclipse is a time for prayer and rest. It is inauspicious to watch the giant orbs which create both day and night, life and tides of the Earth's movement. Instead, they focus inwards and use this experience as a direction from Nature to purify the body and mind. 

Or maybe, you're excited that you took the day off work to play - because you deserve it! And Nature has given you the excuse for a little extra self-care today while you appreciate Her a little bit more than usual. 

For me, I am in awe of the workings of the Universe around me. I am reminded that I am a microbe in the entire system of the Universe. Just as there are helpful and harmful microbes that live in my body, I am that on a slightly more Macro scale. It is another reminder to work towards being the healthiest helpful little microbe that I can be, so the bigger body of the Universe is also healthier. 

To put it another way, if we are all waves on an Ocean of Consciousness, is it not our responsibility to keep our part of the Ocean clean? Clean of stress chemicals, gunk, junk and negativity? Clean of a pile-up of grudges, hate, and separatism? That pile-up comes from the Idea that "I am only a wave, separate from all." When really, as a part of the Ocean, all that is effects the whole. 

Surya, is to Apollo, who is to the Sun. 
Chandra, is to Luna, who is to the Moon.
You is to Me, who is to All.