How would your relationship with food change if you just UNDERSTOOD IT?

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Are you just tired of trying to figure out “what’s right,” with all the “diet,” hoopla out there?

Do you feel like you’ve “tried everything,” but it wasn’t sustainable in the long-term?

Are you tired of an all-or-nothing approach to food choices?

Enter: working with a coach.

I specialize in the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet you where you are, and educate you on making choices that help promote balance in your body.

These are the two oldest systems of “Food as Medicine,” on the planet, and are based in making choices based on your bio-individuality (aka or body-type).

This isn’t about “giving up,” all the things you love, rather it is about exploring what makes you feel good and using the data to help inform choices moving forward. We lean towards a balance of choices that allows you to live your best life, and make informed, mindful choices whether homemade or take-out.

This Program is for You If:

  • You're ready to stop complaining and take life "by the horns."

  • You’ve got some idea on health and wellness but you’re ready for a personalized program.

  • You’re willing to approach our work with an open mind and experimental attitude.

The 6-month program:

  1. Set up your LAUNCH Session (approximately 75 minutes)

  2. Fill out a health history form so we can hit our LAUNCH Session running

  3. Post Launch Session, you’ll get a Google Doc packet with your recommendations, recipes, meal ideas, and resources, which is updated each session.

  4. We’ll speak 1x per month for about an hour to check in on your progress and add layers. Spot coaching & email support is included!

  5. Between sessions, we’ll track your progress using an Asana Project personalized for you!

Total Investment: $1500
Deposit: 30%
Remainder Due: by beginning of 3rd month of coaching