“Learning to meditate with Kelsey has changed my approach to others and the world. I feel much more calm, centered, and better able to manage the stresses of everyday life. Her energy and passion for what she teaches is truly inspiring, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing the gift of meditation — I can’t imagine my life without it now!”
— Lisa, Phychologist
“Thank you for the last four days. It was an amazing experience...I am positive that regular meditation practice will be the most essential thing I can do to go through my current circumstances...but more importantly to “prepare the soil for the next seeds.””
— Fernando, Restauranteur
“After my first consultation, I knew I’d finally found the help I’d been searching for. Kelsey was not only extremely knowledgeable, but she is a great listener, supportive and genuine. Not only did she help me reach my health goals, but she redefined my definition of health and well being. If you’re looking to work with someone that will help you build a healthy lifestyle, then you must go to Kelsey! She is a wealth of knowledge, and does a fantastic job of providing resources (books, articles, restaurants, products) and setting achievable mini-goals each session (which helped me keep myself accountable).”
— Jen, Healthcare Worker
“I’ve been eating better, trying more new recipes. and been going to the gym and my muscles are getting stronger, and that from a 70 year-old.

I’ve also noticed that, If I happen to be annoyed by some little thing going on in my life, after I meditate I can’t even remember what was annoying me before I started meditating. Meditation calms my mind and spirit. ”
— Milagros, Artist and Teacher
“I never thought about the effect food really has on my body until now, so thank you for that. Everything makes sense now! You’re wonderful!”
— Joe, Lawyer
“I now have less stress about eating and food in general. It is infinitely easier to make good & delicious choices about what to put in my body and when.”
— Olivia, Actor
“My knee, which has bothered me for 3-4 years (to the point of thinking I needed another surgery), is now almost to the no pain point. It is truly miraculous. Working with Kelsey was a total “jumpstart” to my healthy lifestyle. And to top it off, my knee feels so good I can really work out! YAY!”
— Melissa, Nurse
“Kelsey’s recipes are so delicious, and they make me feel satisfied, but not overly full. Her advice and tips are incredibly practical. I have so much more energy and fewer digestive problems since beginning my coaching with Kelsey. She’s the best!”
— Estelle, Project Manager
“I love Kelsey’s knowledge and passion about the subject. She tailored things to me, was open to any question, and made it all clear and understandable. I’m already giving more awareness to eating, tracking my mood, food and how I feel physically.”
— Tina, Mixologist
“Where to even begin... I met Kelsey almost a year ago as someone suffering badly from IBS, and she has profoundly changed my life. Prior to my first appointment with Kelsey, I had gone to several doctors and had been given the catch-all diagnosis of IBS and was still feeling unhappy/unhealthy with regular upset stomachs and generally unsatisfied with any proposed way to move forward. As soon as I met Kelsey I felt that I had not only a solid plan in place but also someone to lean on, as no one in my family has ever dealt with stomach problems like mine and I was incredibly stressed. We started with a general overhaul of my diet and she began to teach me about new foods and how they react together and at different times of day and in different climates etc etc etc., and we worked from there, figuring out what worked well/not so well for me and what I should avoid and what I should incorporate, focusing all the while on positivity and getting the chance to learn about new foods rather than feeling like I had to cut out a lot. She even helped me extensively when I was abroad in Paris and found it challenging to stay on-plan, encouraging me to allow myself treats like croissants and wine and cheese more frequently than I would otherwise because of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, while also compensating and making those foods easier on my system by incorporating other strategies. I guess I would say that Kelsey’s flexibility and the extent to which she prioritizes my happiness is my favorite thing about working with her - I never have felt that I must stick to “rules” about diet or anything like that. She wants me to enjoy my life as much as possible and she has helped me learn how to do so, largely on my own now, while also fostering the best possible eating habits for my own health. She has an immense breadth of knowledge about the digestive system (and the body as a whole) along with all kinds of foods and different ways to approach/find/prepare/eat them. She has even taught me about yoga and meditation and essential oils and a million other things I wish I could remember right now. On top of all that, she is an absolute DELIGHT to work with - I look forward to my appointments with her for days because I know that each time we talk she will only make me feel even better about myself and the progress I have made. I can safely say that a year after meeting Kelsey, I have 1) come to know my own body and digestion (something that was a COMPLETE mystery to me before) like the back of my hand, 2) learned an incredible amount about a huge range of foods, 3) dramatically reduced the symptoms of my IBS and if they ever do pop up I know how to deal with them, 4) lost a bunch of weight and never felt more in control of my eating habits and how they impact how I look and feel, and 5) become massively psychologically/mentally relieved because I feel I have someone I can ask questions or talk to about food or my stomach any time I need a sounding board, even when we are several time zones apart. I feel so lucky to know Kelsey and can’t imagine what I would have done without her. :)”
— Hannah, Student