My Story

I moved to NYC from Buffalo, NY in 2009 -- Musical Theatre BFA in hand and dreams of Broadway on the horizon. Where I discovered myself a few years later was deep in the bartender-barracks, with majorly rising anxiety levels. 

I was anxious, overworked, and burnt out from 70-80 hour work weeks. Migraines turned into panic attacks, and they only got more and more frequent. I started self-medicating with alcohol and bar-food, which only made things worse.  I felt like I was on a downward spiral with no way out. 

That summer, I found my meditation practice. I had heard about a teacher in NYC giving a free intro talk, so I snuck out of work, heard what she had to say, and decided that if this meditation practice did 1/10th of what she claimed it to, it was worth it.

I learned to meditate that week and my panic attacks stopped. Headaches and migraines significantly lessened, along with my dependence on alcohol. My immune system markedly improved and my energy was going up and up.

A few months later, I started experiencing weird physical sensations - chronic pinched nerves in my back and high fevers that would come for just 24 hours that would totally floor me. I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm a meditator...this isn't supposed to happen to ME!"  So I started experimenting with my diet. I tried Macrobiotics, Paleo....and felt like none of it was truly balanced, so I decided to attend the Academy of Healing Nutrition in NYC to become an expert.

There, and since, I specialized in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine - the two oldest systems of food-as-medicine in the world, and the sister-science to Vedic Meditation. As I began working with clients, many of whom have suffered from stress-related food addictions, I realized that stress is the broken bone underneath the food choices and THAT was what needed to be treated in combination with food. It was shortly after that the opportunity arose for me to enter Vedic Meditation Teacher Training, an intensive 15-month training course that concluded with a month of study in India, so I can now be of service to my clients both in stress-management and healthful food choices. 


I love to combine my skills as a Meditation teacher, knowledge of food, entrepreneurship and creativity to help my clients design the life of their dreams!

Now, I am grateful to that old me - the one who was so panicked and anxious all the time she was forced to find a solution - because that is what led me to where I am today, and opened the door to all the possibilities I never had considered before. I work with my clients to help them achieve a balance that is inclusive of healthful choices AND having fun. 

Professional Bio


Kelsey Mathes is a Chicago-based world traveler, and Life-Coach, specializing in Vedic meditation and holistic nutrition. Kelsey's mission is to help clients uplift their lives utilizing ancient, tried-and-true systems, while making them practical for the modern person. She believes if it's not practical, it won't work, and empowers her clients by teaching them how to be self-sufficient. 

Kelsey spent years training both in New York City, and Rishikesh/Cochin, India. Kelsey completed her 15 month Vedic Meditation teacher training in NYC with Emily Fletcher. Vedic Meditation is a 6,000 year old practice that is considered one of the leading stress-reducing daily meditation practices available today. She also holds a certification in holistic health counseling from the Academy of Healing Nutrition, where she focused on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the two oldest systems of "food-as-medicine" on the planet. Kelsey is uniquely positioned to uplift your productivity and experience of life from both a mind and body perspective. 

She has helped hundreds of clients achieve optimal health using these approaches. Kelsey has assisted clients with a wide array of issues, including weight loss, headaches, migraines, muscle building, endometriosis, IBS, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, emotional eating and eating disorders. She strives to meet you where you are, and can support you no matter what your dietary preferences are. In her sessions, both group and one-on-one, Kelsey focuses on building the ever fascinating connection between your mind and body, which is unique to each individual.

In addition to working with clients in small groups and one-on-one, Kelsey has been a featured teacher and lecturer with, NAO Nutrition, Ziva MeditationThe Academy of Healing Nutrition, at Bryant Park, One Penn Plaza, Berhnson and Fetner, Robinhood, Misys, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, and more. She is also a major contributor and designer of zivaEATS One-on-One and the upcoming 4-week online program, zivaEATS Essentials - the first Ayurvedically based health program designed for the busy, modern human. No matter the venue, Kelsey creates unique experiences for clients based on their preferences and needs. Note that Kelsey is an independent teacher and not in any way affiliated with any organization.