Retreat Services

I offer Meditation, lecturing, and cooking services to wellness events and retreats around the world. Please contact me now for details on how I can bring added services to your upcoming wellness retreat! Currently, I'm booking for Winter & Spring 2018. Below, you can find a selection of current offerings. 

Meditation on Retreat

If you are holding a yoga or wellness retreat and you would like to "kick it up a notch," I am available to teach Meditation on your retreat. This is most valuable as teaching the 4-day Vedic Meditation course (90 minutes per day, 4 days in a row) in addition to your normal retreat schedule. Retreaters will go home with a self-sustaining meditation practice, and the opportunity to attend follow ups in perpetuity with me or any of my colleagues. *Alternative options are available upon request.

Cooking on Retreat, or for single events

I am a trained Ayurvedic chef, and can work with any sort of food sensitivities/restrictions required. I have done retreats including: vegan, vegetarian, onion/garlic free, Saatvic, dairy-free, gluten-free. I will prepare a menu for your approval, do the shopping, and cooking for your retreat, as well as offer a 1-hour workshop for Retreaters to understand the foundations of why we're eating what/how we are. If you want to have a Wellness Retreat that is Conscious from all-angles, don't forget about the food!