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Heads up...you're super stressed.

Take a deep breath, it’s not as stressful as it may seem! You might feel a little (or a lot) stuck in your life right now. You may be craving change- big or small. You might not even know what comes next and it scares the living hell outta ya. Don’t worry - I know this feeling, I’ve been there too. The good news? There’s only one way to go from here and that is up! I encourage you to pull out your calendar - right now - and schedule in some free time for yourself (do it, trust me) and use this to do some immediate self care. The guided meditation below was made especially for you, to help you step back into creation and decide your next smallest steps.

Listen to it daily for 30 days, or make it more powerful and download the attached script, voice record yourself speaking it, and hear it from yourself.