How stressed-out are you?

Take the quiz now!

Grab a pen and paper, then rate your answer to each question on a
scale of 1 (low/bad/untrue) to 10 (high/amazing/super true)

  1. Do you feel rested and energized?

  2. Do you find yourself making positive decisions throughout the day with your food and beverage choices?

  3. Do you find your personal relationships with family and friends rich, present, and fulfilling?

  4. Are you inspired by the work you do?

  5. Does your inherent creative energy have a positive and consistent outlet?

  6. Are you caring for your physical body regularly through exercise and stretching?

  7. Under pressure, are you able to create creative, positive solutions to problems at work and at home?

  8. Are you confident and feel sexy in your body and mind?

Now add up all your scores and click below on the corresponding range